Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite season. I made a fall bucket list & today we crossed a few of those musts off the list: DYI pumpkin lattes, picked a pumpkin, drank apple cider (hot & spiked) & had my first apple cider donut of the season. The full list includes: actually carving that pumpkin, homecoming, visit an orchard & pick apples, get lost in a corn maze, drink Woodchuck Fall (has anyone seen this in stores?), explore a cemetery & tour a winery.





Sunglasses, Earrings & Top Urban Outfitters , Old Navy Jeans, Ring & Bracelet H&M, Target Pumps & Clutch.


One thought on “Fall Bucket List

  1. Cara

    Congrats on the new blog, Mary! Fall is my favorite time of year, too! Check out Trader Joe’s soon for all kinds of pumpkin products, too. I was tempted by the pumpkin spiced coffee and pumpkin pancake mix!


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